Palm Beach Mask to donate 100,000 disposable facemasks to government offices, medical organizations, first responders, and non-profit groups 50 Organizations #biggive

Local Florida PPE manufacturer to provide Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast with life-saving facemasks

December 18-22, 2020; Riviera Beach, FL – Palm Beach Mask, a Florida-based company dedicated to manufacturing locally-made PPE equipment, will donate 100,000 disposable facemasks to government offices, medical organizations, first responders, and non-profit groups across Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast this holiday season.

Palm Beach Mask was created as a spin-off of Canvas Designers to combat the dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded by Mike and Pam Erickson along with their sons John and Robert, Palm Beach Mask produces, distributes, markets, and sells consumer-grade and medical-grade facemasks.

“We, as a family, decided to pivot some of our resources and know-how to start this venture in the hopes of helping everyone in our community get through this pandemic,” Erickson said. “We have to work together to end the pandemic and only then will we be able to return to a normal life.”

Facemasks remain a vital weapon in the battle against COVID-19. Face coverings can prevent the transmission of germs from person to person. With COVID-19 cases increasing in the United States, Palm Beach Mask has taken the step to further help local communities by donating masks. While many Americans will receive the COVID-19 vaccine over the coming weeks and months, experts stress that facemasks are still helpful in combating this pandemic until the vaccine has widespread effects. Facemasks and the vaccine can work together to save millions of American lives.

Palm Beach Mask has donated thousands of face masks to local organizations throughout the pandemic, but this marks the company’s first opportunity to give back in a much bigger way and truly make a difference. Palm Beach Mask is spreading safety and goodwill throughout the tri-county area by delivering boxes of 2000 facemasks decorated in the holiday spirit to 50 community-based organizations. The company is also donating masks to both the Boca Bowl and the Delray Open Tennis Tournament, two large-venue events that will place in Palm Beach County over the Christmas period.

Palm Beach Mask’s three-ply facemasks are made from non-woven fabrics including a high-quality inner filter than exceeds 98% BFE filtration.  In addition, the holiday-themed facemasks provide a fun colorful alternative to the typical disposable face coverings sold in stores.

“Tis the season for giving and as a local startup disposable mask manufacturing company, we want to contribute to our local communities in as big of way as we can” Erickson stated. “We hope that this holiday season, we will make a difference and so will the people who wear our donated masks.  Please help support our start up and watch for another 100,000-mask donation this spring.”

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palm beach boys an girls club with chrismas tree and colored disposable masks from palm beach mask palm beach mask BIGGIVE 2500 disposable masks delivered to @pbsportsfl palm beach sports

palm beach mask donating 2000 disposable face masks to local palm beach county organization St Ann place palm beach mask donating 2000 disposable masks to St George's center in Riviera beach fl

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