Our Story




Palm Beach Mask launched in 2020 as a direct reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic. Masks became a necessity, and were everywhere. However, virtually none of these masks were being produced domestically. Local entrepreneurs, Pam and Mike Erickson, saw this need and worked to establish the first mask producing facility in South Florida. Their long term strategy is to produce FDA certified, domestically made, medical grade masks,  using domestically sourced materials. While the pandemic created an immediate need for everyday mask wearing, it also illuminated the void in American manufacturing to provide the highest quality face masks to first responders across the country. At Palm Beach Mask, we believe that quality protection should be available to all, in a variety of vibrant colors, and made in America. Try our masks today and feel the difference!


Pam and Mike Erickson are the founders and owners of Canvas Designers, Inc. Before establishing Palm Beach Masks, they gathered fabric material used in the marine industry to make and donate hundreds of masks to local hospitals, schools, law enforcement agencies, and nonprofits. As local business owners, they are connected to the community and passionate about creating the highest quality products, all made in the U.S.A.