Palm beach mask Clip - Mask conversion clip

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Product Description


PBMCLIP, Betterfitting masks are just a clip away. 

PBMCLIP is the adjustable face mask accessory that works on any mask and provides a better fitting mask no matter your head size with much greater comfort for kids and Adults.

• HOW IT WORKS: It Closes The Gap On All Sides and Provides a Perfect Fit

• EAR PROTECTION: Can Be Worn Under The Ears to Avoid Ear Pain

• COMFORTABLE: Adjustable Soft Flexible Center Strap Conforms to the Head Shape

• ANY MASK: Can Be Used With Any Mask

• KIDS OR ADULTS: Fits Everybody! (Small Recommended For Kids)

• Made In the USA

U.S. Patent Number 7,410,407

Why choose us?

Reason one

Our disposable face masks are proudly Made in the USA and assembled in our clean manufacturing facility in our Riviera Beach FL

Reason two

We strive in creating new and exciting Mask options that suites everyone's daily needs for the very best in protection.

Comfort comes first

Life should be colorful, comptable with quality you can trust.