Pink Premium Disposable Masks pack - Palm beach mask
Pink Premium Disposable Masks pack - Palm beach mask
Pink Premium Disposable Masks pack - Palm beach mask
Pink Premium Disposable Masks pack - Palm beach mask

Pink Premium Disposable Masks pack

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PINK - Disposable Face mask

All PBMASK face masks feature the highest-quality premium material with soft-touch texture and gentle ear loops and feel comfortable for all-day use. No washing, no extra filters to buy, no hassle.

Each pack comes with 10 or 50 disposable masks and a resealable bag for safe storage and easy travel.

All PBMASK Masks feature:

  • Filtration, BFE > 98%
  • Made 100% locally in West palm beach FL to ensure a quality product. 
  • Adjustable nose bridge for a secure fit.
  • 3-ply construction: Exterior Layer: Non-woven, Center: Melt-blown fabric, Interior Layer: Soft, Moisture-Proof & Breathable.
  • Meets CDC recommendations
  • 3.75 in. x 6.75 in.
  • Easy to breathe construction, perfect for running or working out.
  • Super soft and comfortable ear loops  
  • Skin Friendly
  • High Quality, Soft, Comfortable, reliable 


  • Disposable Single-Use
  • Suitable for: home use, business, school, shopping, outdoor activities, and other daily use as a face, mouth, and nose cover
  • Keep a pack handy in your bag, at home, in the glove compartment


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Due to the hygienic nature of our masks, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges. Face Masks are final sale and non-refundable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It offers protection for both. Wearing a face mask helps infected people from spreading new coronavirus and other germs to others. Also, it protects you from catching germs.

The virus spreads from tiny virus-containing respiratory droplets that infected people spray when they sneeze, cough, breath, or talk. Our 3-layer pink premium non-medical face mask can block most of those harmful particles from spreading.

In most cases, they don’t. However, children below 2 years of age should avoid wearing a face mask because it carries the hazard of suffocation or choking. The same is applicable for people who have trouble removing their face masks without any assistance.

Others can wear our pink premium non-medical face masks without risking their health.

Face masks may be unpleasant to wear, but they do not drop the needed oxygen levels even in people with severe respiratory diseases.

Various studies have been carried out to measure the oxygen level in the body. But no study showed any major changes in gas exchange measurements before and after wearing a face mask.

Wearing a face mask may be causing discomfort because of inducing feelings of claustrophobia, warm inhaled air, or irritating sensitive facial nerves, not because of the rebreathing of carbon dioxide causing low oxygen levels.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, stay at home except when you visit a healthcare provider to receive necessary medical care. Make sure you wear a face mask if you live with others.

The outer and inner layers of a face mask are contaminated with infectious respiratory secretions released by an infected person. So, make sure you practice hand hygiene every time you touch your pink premium non-medical face mask.

Yes. Apart from that, also make sure you follow the following steps:
● Isolate the infected person in a separate room away from other people.
● Make sure you and that person wear a face mask especially when you are around.
● Use disposable gloves when handling the belongings of an infected person.
● Try not to touch your nose, eyes, mouth, or anywhere on your face.
● Frequently clean your hands using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap and water.

While our pink premium non-medical face masks can help minimize the spread of viruses and other diseases in public areas. Nevertheless, they only perform well if worn correctly.
● Always wear a mask in public areas, especially when you are within 1.5 meters of a sick person.
● Securely put on your face mask to cover the nose, mouth, and chin without leaving any gap between your face and mask.
● When you’re done wearing a face mask, throw it away followed by hand hygiene.

● Wash your hand with soap or water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
● Take your face mask off by using straps without touching its exterior.
● Place the mask in a ziplock plastic bag.
● Throw it in a trash can followed by hand hygiene.

Why choose us?

Reason one

Our disposable face masks are proudly Made in the USA and assembled in our clean manufacturing facility in our Riviera Beach FL

Reason two

We strive in creating new and exciting Mask options that suites everyone's daily needs for the very best in protection.

Comfort comes first

Life should be colorful, comptable with quality you can trust.