Starfish thin Logo Mask 10 pack on White
Starfish thin Logo Mask 10 pack on White
Starfish thin Logo Mask 10 pack on White
Starfish thin Logo Mask 10 pack on White
Starfish thin Logo Mask 10 pack on White
Starfish thin Logo Mask 10 pack on White

Starfish thin Logo Mask 10 pack on White

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Product Description


Starfish thin Logo Mask face Masks Print - Disposable Face mask 10 pack

All PBMASK face masks feature the highest-quality premium material with soft-touch texture and gentle ear loops and feel comfortable for all-day use. No washing, no extra filters to buy, no hassle.

Each pack comes with 10 disposable masks and a resealable bag for safe storage and easy travel.

All PBMASK Masks feature:

  • Filtration, BFE > 98%
  • Made 100% locally in West palm beach FL to ensure a quality product. 
  • Adjustable nose bridge for a secure fit.
  • 3-ply construction: Exterior Layer: Non-woven, Center: Melt-blown fabric, Interior Layer: Soft, Moisture-Proof & Breathable.
  • Meets CDC recommendations
  • 3.75 in. x 6.75 in.
  • Easy to breathe construction, perfect for running or working out.
  • Super soft and comfortable ear loops  
  • Skin Friendly
  • High Quality, Soft, Comfortable, reliable 


  • Disposable Single-Use
  • Suitable for: home use, business, school, shopping, outdoor activities, and other daily use as a face, mouth, and nose cover
  • Keep a pack handy in your bag, at home, in the glove compartment


#StaySafe #BuyAmerican #wearamask

Due to the hygienic nature of our masks, we are unable to accept any returns or exchanges. Face Masks are final sale and non-refundable.

(Download Product Specification Sheet)


Frequently Asked Questions

Not if you are in your own home with your family (when there is no one symptomatic). In any other indoor circumstances, yes you need to wear a face mask. 

There are tiny saliva and mucus particles that you spray when you talk, or sneeze, cough, or breathe. Our American flag premium non-medical face mask acts as a physical barrier for respiratory droplets.

You are more likely to be close to others as it is not always possible to maintain a minimum 1.5-meter distance when you’re inside. The tiny droplets can hang around in the air due to the lower air circulation indoors. Wearing face masks protects you from other people's droplet spray.

It is likely that a mask gets wet with your exhaled moisture. It increases the resistance of smooth airflow making it less efficient at filtering harmful viruses and bacteria. So, when that happens, we recommend that you pull out one of your new American flag premium non-medical face masks for use.

In certain circumstances, yes. There are multiple factors that define the risk of infection in any given situation:

● How long you interact with someone
● Distance from others
● The likelihood of droplet spray

You could be maintaining a minimum 1.5-meter distance from someone, but if they are speaking loudly to be heard for a while, stick to wearing your American flag premium non-medical face mask to be on a safer side.

You don’t need a mask if you’re outside and there is no one else nearby. However, it’s a good practice to keep a face mask handy in case someone comes by.

No. The molecule of oxygen is so small that it will not get trapped in our masks. However, even though your body is getting the required oxygen it needs, you may feel uncomfortable as the mask is new to your body. 

Make sure that your mask securely fits on your face and completely covers your nose and under your chin. You can experiment with our different types of face masks—white, green, orange, blue, American flag premium non-medical mask, etc.—to find one that fits best.

In the early days of COVID-19, infected people can transmit the virus before they show any symptoms. It could infect anyone even if you are feeling fine.

So, in the current pandemic situation, where COVID-19 is spreading like a fire, you should not leave your home without a mask.

You should consult with your doctor to discuss your individual concerns and conditions regarding face masks. Our American flag premium non-medical masks are fine for people with controlled respiratory diseases such as asthma.

No, wearing a mask is meant to protect your respiratory system including sinuses, throat, and lungs from exposure to airborne particles and tiny droplets that may contain the virus. 

By covering your nose and mouth, you are protecting the entry points to your throat and lungs. Leaving your nose and mouth exposed will give an easily accessible pathway for viruses to enter your body. 

Our American flag premium non-medical mask prevents droplets from exiting your body during sneezing, talking, etc.

Why choose us?

Reason one

Our disposable face masks are proudly Made in the USA and assembled in our clean manufacturing facility in our Riviera Beach FL

Reason two

We strive in creating new and exciting Mask options that suites everyone's daily needs for the very best in protection.

Comfort comes first

Life should be colorful, comptable with quality you can trust.